Pierburg Fuel Pump Years

Pierburg Fuel Pump Years

Using the correct fuel pump for your classic Volkswagen.

About once a week I often receive emails asking, "I have a specific year vintage VW, what is the correct pump that the car left the factory with?"

There's a bit of confusion about this, as with these brilliantly designed cars components can be swapped around and you may not even be aware. With that, let's look at the years.

25 HP German Pierburg Fuel Pump - 1950 - 1953

36 HP German Pierburg Fuel Pump - 1954 - 1960

40 HP German Pierburg Fuel Pump - 1960 - 1966

1300/1600 German Pierburg Fuel Pump - 1966 - 1970

Please reach out with any questions.

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