L620 Savanna Beige '67 Beetle

L620 Savanna Beige '67 Beetle

Fresh to the vintage Volkswagen market, we have another respectable and what appears to be very correct L620 Savanna Beige '67 Beetle. I love seeing the correct Bosch German short coil, oil bath bracket, running boards and Pierburg Fuel pump.

Info from our seller.

Status: For Sale
Mileage: 56,633
Location: Hot Spring Village, Arkansas
Price: $22,500
Vin: 117597219
Contact: Arthur Jamison

I purchased this Vintage Volkswagen Beetle in the Fall of 2015.

This is a very solid #2 Beetle. Super clean. Correct Matching numbers for a '67. Engine HO650502. Yes, the mileage is original. I have only put about 1000 miles on it . For most of the last nine years I have gone completely through just about every part of this beetle and loved every minute of it. Everything is correct for a '67 except for SB12 headlight rings, front seat covers and clam shell seat belts.

The Beetle was originally from Rochester NY, but has been here in Arkansas since. Never driven in the rain. Garaged and covered. All work documented and a solid list of every invoice upon request.

Who's going to make an offer?

Beetle Work History

Received Ownership of 1967 Beetle October 2015 - 56,633 Original Miles 3rd Owner L620 Savanna Beige.

Matching Numbers
Engine H0650502
VIN 117597219
All invoices included

Within a week of getting the beetle I started working on the breaks. All breaking system was original and completely worn out. All interior was taken out to expose the original pans. Just surface rust except for drivers side heater channel. Heater channel had some lose rust inside. Both heater channels were blown out and treated with (Eastwood Rust Encapsulator) w 24" extension hose. Thru Fall of 2017 I probably used 6 cans of Eastwood rust Encapsulator any where I saw rust and could reach it. Original front carpet and rubber (mats) were rotted and crumbled. Rear carpet in original good condition. Battery tray in very good condition. Pans (inside) treated with Gimplers rust converter and painted black. Drivers side heater channel had a 1/2" hole back by the left rear tire. Water was able to enter this hole. Hole was patched. So the drivers side pan was rusted the worse (when I say worse ... very minor pitting) but no Swiss cheese. Passenger side pan, almost zero surface rust. All body metal original. All windows original (with logo) except front. Original back windows were not pop outs. 1967 Pop out windows purchased on Samba for $150.00.


Original break drums resurfaced
New master cylinder
New rubber hoses (breaks)
New Teflon coated break lines
New slave cylinders
New break hardware
New break clips
Rear Axel seals - both sides
Break Shoes
New Oil pressure switch
Emergency break repaired (small clip missing) later found in glove compartment
All new wheel bearing ,races, seals
Headlights, cleaned and misc. screws replaced. Some bondo inside headlight bowls..
Bumpers, completely removed. Disassembled. Treated insides with rust converter (surface rust only) Painted insides. Bumper supports and brackets painted. All new rubber grommets. New reverse light grommets (at wire connections)


Engine pulled. Most likely the first time since built in Germany. Original clutch worn down to the rivets in pressure plate. No one local could turn pressure plate. I will keep it with the beetle. Pressure washed whole engine. Original push rod tubes rusted and 4-5 were leaking (pin holes). Removed all tin. Tin towards front of Bug rusted beyond repair. Some bottom tin was missing. I kept most of the tin in the very back. I was able to find good quality German tin on Samba. I paid $35.00 for the tin. I also located pre heat (hard to find) tubes on Samba. I purchased them for $50.00. Also found pulley cover on Samba, very good condition. The pre-tubes and pulley cover were missing when the car was purchased. I removed everything down to the engine and cylinder heads. Heads were pulled off and new push rod tubes installed. It was not split apart. Pressure washed and cleaned everything. Sand blasted all tin and repainted. Original muffler and heater boxes sand blasted and painted. Carb air filter serviced. Zero end play.

New spark plugs
New rotor cap
New points
New condenser
New engine decals
New clutch
New pressure plate
New flywheel
New clutch cable
New throttle cable
New clutch release bearing and hardware
New flywheel seal and O-ring
New engine gaskets where needed
Carb kit
New Push Rod Tubes

Late 2017

Original front axle beam was heavily rusted. Found an original 1967 Axle beam on Samba in excellent condition for $75.00. It had a serial number on it but I lost it.
Pulled beam
New Ball joints (pressed on by the Bug Stop , Arlington Tx)
All new tie rod ends
New Z-Bar rebuild kit
Wolfsburg West German Square weave carpet installed


New Battery 2020
Chrome hub caps E Bay
West Coast Metric front windshield
Chris Vallone truck liner
Wheel Alignment 1/22/2017
11 Slot Wheel trims (German) bought from 1967 Beetle.com
OEM ball joint beam Kit - The Underground Garage
BelMetric hose clamps
BeWoKa roof rac clamps (reproductions) Vintage warehouse
Rare preheat tubes L/R (installed myself) Avery's Air Cooled Auto Parts
Halt (STOP) sign - Air Cooled Accessories
New latch L/R pop out windows
SewFine headliner 1 piece #542 Beige Nylon Tweed
Original break drums resurfaced
Gearbox drained and Castrol 80W90 installed
Ethanol gas only (since I owned it)
TMI basket weave seat upholstery....so when I bought the bug all the upholstery was original and was in very good shape, but within a few years the front seats started to rot, so I just ordered the front (only) in 2018. After I covered one seat I realized the upholstery was not correct for a 1967 beetle. So I went with it. TMI advertised upholstery as original but not original for a 1967. Those (67) have to be special ordered. Original back bench seat was in good condition until 2023 and was replaced (back only installed) bench seat upholstery included. I bought the back seat upholstery from J-Bugs.

General information

From what I know I am the 3rd owner. I bought the bug from an owner in Rochester N.Y. It currently has 56,633 miles on it. I have only but about 1000 miles on it. The previous owner said his wife drove it only on Sundays to go see her mother. They owned it for 7 years. The bug spent 52 years in Rochester NY. It was delivered to Mt. Read VW Inc. 1755 Mt Read Rd, Rochester NY. I have the original window price sticker. Original keys plus a spare set. Inside the original owners manual there is an address of what I believe was the original owner. I wrote them and asked if they knew the history of the Beetle. I got no reply. Only the passenger side door locks with the keys. The beetle came with installed clam-shell seat belts and one spare, one side did not work so I took them out. The beetle was originally undercoated so pans and fenders in good condition. Don't let the undercoating fool you .Yes it's ugly but the pans and fenders are in great condition. Bottom of doors show some minor salt damage, nothing to bad. The doors were treated with a rust preserver primed and painted inside and out. Some minor salt damage to bottom of back fenders. Nothing bad.There is bondo (as much as I know) bottom of passenger side door, bondo in the bottom of headlight buckets, bondo in the bottom of the break reservoir location. All bondo very minimal. The Bug was painted in early 2021 with a single stage Urethane paint and seems to be 3rd spray. Windows were removed before painting, almost zero rust under windows. All new rubber everywhere. Doors/Windows were rebuilt in the Winter of 2021, replaced one window cradle (metal). The chrome bumpers are original and in very good condition. VW logo stamped inside each bumper and stamped #2553 ?? BoKoWa rac was given to me by the guy I bought the bug from and was heavily rusted. I restored it best I could. All windows original except front. All knobs (interior) original. Small white knob on interior light missing. Original door panels. Original sun visors, CoCo mats Gold/Black. US ROYAL LAREGO 3.60X15 4 Ply Tires. I have used only Ethanol free gasoline since I have owned it. The original gasoline line had been replace with copper tubing and it ran on the outside and down the side of the beetle. I changed that and followed the WV recommendation noted in the paperwork. Uncut dash. Shifts beautifully. After almost 10 years of owning this Beetle I'm sure I have forgot something. Don't let the small blemishes fool you. This is a very solid #2 Beetle. Never driven in the rain. I would feel very confident driving from New York to L.A. and back. It will be sorely missed.

Wolfsburg West

Vent Window Seal R/L
Vent Up Seal 2X
Vent Felt Channel R/L
Felt Channel Clips
Felt Channel (Small) Vent Window
Door Panel Clip Seals
Door Panel Clips
Headliner Rod End Caps
Check Rod Seals R/L
Dome Light Contact Light Seal
Door Lock Collar 2X
Complete Running Boards Tan R/L
Body Molding Mounting Clips
Front Hood Emblem Clips
Engine Lid Script Clips
Front Turn Signal Seals R/L
Tail Light Seals R/L
Headlight Drain Tube R/L
Headlight Wiring Conduit R/L
Wiper Shift Caps 2X
Wiper Shaft Grommet 2X
Door Handle Springs 2X
Hinge Pin Plugs 2X
Anti-Rattle Plugs 2X
Turn Signal Ass. Grommet 2X
Front Horn Grill 2X
Exhaust Tailpipe 2X
Bowden Tube (Clutch)
Wheel Bleeder Cap 4X
Engine to Body Seal
Engine to Firewall Seal
Rear Axle Seal 2X
Sun Visor Retainer 2X
Steering Coupler Disc.
Sway Bar Rebuild Kit (German)
Lock Plate Kit (did not Use)
Body Pad (Lower) 2X
Body Pad (Upper) 2X
Heater Cable Seal 2X
Heater Hose to Body Seal 4X
Z Bar Rebuild Kit R/L
Shock Absorber Rear 2X
Shock Absorber Front 2X
Tie Rod End (Left Outer)
Tie Rod End (Left Inner)
Tie Rod End (Right Inner)
Tie Rod End (Right Outer)
Break Star Adj. 2X
Screw Brake Adj. 2X
Fuel Pump Kit (not Installed) included
Front Floor Mat, Rubber
Rear Floor Mat, Rubber
COCO Mats Front R/L - Back R/L (Gold/Black)
Breaker Point Set
Back Up Light Wire Boot 2X
Bug Cover - Platinum Shield (Very Good Condition)
|Pre Heat Tubing 1”
Carp Repair Kit
German Sq. Weave Carpet Kit (10 Piece)
Accelerator Cable (OEM)
Emergency Spring Clip
Oil Cap Seal (Silicone)
Handbrake Boot
Brake Reservoir Cap
Tail Light Bezel Seals 2X
Front Brake Hose 2X (German)
Rear Brake Hose 2X (German)
Brake Hose Clip 6X
Teflon Coated Brake Line Kit (German)
Thrust Washer
Engine Lid Seal
Headlight Screws (Kit)
Battery Mat
Headlight Mount Screw 2X
VW Pedal Pads 2X
Oil Cooler Seals
Engine Tin Screws
Muffler Install Kit
Fresh Air Clamp 4X
Pre Heat Hose Clips
Pre Heat Hose Grommet
Fuel Line Metal (small one by Carburetor)
Fuel Line Grommet (Firewall)
Engine Gasket Set
Ignition Cable Set
Bosch Spark Plug 4X
Distributor Cap
Breather Hose
Oil Strainer (German) Inside Gas Tank (old original in good condition)
Push Rod Tube Seals 16X
Push Rod Tube 8X
Silicone Valve Cover Seals 2X
Silicone Drain Plate Seal
Air Cleaner Decal
Shocks - Front and Back
Heater Cable
Heater Box to Body Seals


Clutch Cable
Metal Fuel Filter (Inside Tank) German
Outside Mirror (Top Quality)
Stow away Basket
Beige Fender Beading
Front Wheel Cylinder 2X
Rear Wheel Cylinder 2X
Master Cylinder (European Made)
Break pivot Clip Kit


Clutch Release Bearing
Clutch release Bearing Clips
Clutch Pressure Plate 200mm (German)
Clutch Disc 200mm (German)
Window Channels L/R
Chrome Ring Seals, Tail Lights
Pinch Welt, rear Windows
Rear Window Rubber Seal
Hood seal (German)
Oil pressure Switch
Break Shoes Front and Back
Master Cylinder Switch Boot
Bumper Bracket Seals (Lower)
Bumper bracket Seals (Upper)

Status: For Sale
Mileage: 56,633
Location: Hot Spring Village, Arkansas
Price: $22,500
Vin: 117597219
Contact: Arthur Jamison


  • Eric Shoemaker

    Hey, Richard!
    That’s a good question. I’ve asked Arthur to reply when he has a moment.

  • Richard Marcoux

    Would like to see a picture of the back of the speedo. Is the factory seal not broken?

  • Jos Hall

    Just an FYI, 597219 wouldn’t have had SB12s. Your rings are actually correct for the car.

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