Misc ’67 Beetle Parts Cars

Misc ’67 Beetle Parts Cars

3 is the magic number. Our seller has a unique story as life happens. In total, 3 ’67 Beetles are for sale that are mostly in parts, etc. One has a factory sunroof! I spot a set of German ’67 Beetle bumpers.

This is your chance to grab one, all, or some of those hard to find one year only items. Come with a truck and haul it all away. Geoff is motivated, so bring all reasonable offers.

“I own 3 ’67 Beetles and have a dilemma. My first bug I owned in high school, drove it through into college and sold it to a friend when I started my first real job. He kept it many years, and my wife and son bought the same car back for me for a Christmas present 15-20 years ago. The car was drivable but needed body work. I had the engine refurbished. Since I knew I may need some parts, I ran across a guy who had 2 ’67’s. One is a parts car only; still has engine in it, the second bug was in much better shape and has a factory sunroof.

On the car I drove through college, I have had the car to three body people. The second one took the car apart. It has not been together since then.

I have many of the parts. Missing all seating for this car; engine is in my garage. Car is in Charlotte, NC. The Sunroof and Parts Car are in Raleigh, NC. The other Bug is in Charlotte. Come and get them.”

Status: FOR SALE
Location: Charlotte, NC, etc
Price: Bring all offers
Owner Contact: geoffcampbell@carolina.rr.com
Phone: (704) 400-1644 

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