Restored German Pierburg Fuel Pumps

Restored German Pierburg Fuel Pumps

We offer proper restoration of genuine German Pierburg Fuel Pumps.

Each restored German Pierburg Fuel Pump is first disassembled and inspected for viability in our workshop. Once it passes this test, it is thoroughly cleaned inside and out and resurfaced. During restoration, each pump is fitted with brand new, custom-crafted superior quality diaphragms, (Effbe, which is the OEM supplier to VW) that are formulated with nitrile rubber to withstand modern gasoline blended with ethanol.

Internal German Pierburg Fuel Pump function

In addition to brand new, custom-crafted superior quality diaphragms, our German Pierburg Fuel Pumps also have the Delivery and Suction valve retainer properly set to ensure seal. Without correction on these two items, a pump will not function as designed. These are important details German engineers put a lot of effort into to ensure your pump delivers fuel to the carburetor.

Which pump is period correct for my Vintage VW?

25HP - 1952 - 1953 VWs
36HP - 1953 - 1960 VWs
40HP - 1960 - 1965 VWs
1300/1600 - 1966 - 1979 VWs

Once restored, are pumps tested?

All pumps are tested before shipment to assure both internal valves are seating, as well as the diaphragm is functioning as designed.

About fuel pressure

Original factory manuals specify a fuel pressure of approximately 1.30 to 1.87 pounds per square inch (psi) for 25hp and 36hp pumps through 1958. After this time, pressure specifications were increased to a maximum of approximately 2.5psi. This pressure rating was retained through 36hp engine production and continued on 40hp and the later 1300/1500 engines.

Although the preload on the diaphragms is designed to set the fuel pressure within the specified range, we recommend you check the pressure with a gauge after you install the pump in your engine.  If you find the pressure too great, you can reduce it by adding another gasket between the pump and base or between the pump base and case.

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